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New Glock shipment in

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shipmentI can not tell you how long I have waited for the winter of this discontent to be over.  The preppers have bought up all the .22 ammo and the lines at the gun stores are unbearable.  Not to worry.  The patient survive and prevail.  Today, I heard through the grape vine (FaceBook) that Bain & Davis received a shipment of goods today that would make any pistolaro envious.  The Glock 21SF is a pistol in 45 ACP with a nice grip, fantastic Glock trigger and known ergonomics.  This has been a long wait to pick up one of these beauties.

I called Dave my pal over at Bain & Davis (at home) when I saw the posting and said that I would be in Wednesday to DROS the pistol.  This has been a long time coming.

You know it does not take much to make an old man happy.  Just a full load of dry powder and a good supply of lead will make any man of my caliber smile.

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Glock 37

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It’s a new day and a new millennium.  Social media is the way we are all communicating with each other it seams.  Email is dead used by the old folks while Facebook, Twitter and texting is the “the Big Thing”.

Johns G37.jpg-largeMy brother John just purchased a Glock generation 4 model 37 in .45 GAP.  This will be the first handgun that we will do extensive testing with and eventually do a review on.  You can tell he really enjoys his new companion.  The current load for the GAP that we are working on is with new Starline Brass and 230gr FMJ bullets from Montana Gold.  The powder is Universal and the data we have suggests a charge from 4.4 to 5.0 grains.  With the Universal powder that John prefers I suggested that he start at the middle of the range and work up slowly.   So the first rounds will be loaded with 4.6 or 4.7 grains of Universal.  We are going to load some of these up and see how they fly.  As with any hand-loading data, be sure to follow recognized published data by the powder or bullet manufactures.  Getting information off of the web and thinking its all sound wisdom is like taking advice from the homeless on how to refinance your home.

That being said there are very good sources of hand-loading advice and data out there.  I have found the The High Road forum to be really excellent for the new hand-loader to get information from.  Follow the link and most of all have fun.

You can follow me twitter also at MetalTigerShoot.

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Revolvers are Boring

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Revolvers are pretty and show-offs without a pleasant personality, right?  The Yankee Marshal says its all here in his YouTube video



I love revolvers.  Revolvers are supper simple and very accurate, easy to carry and have a reliability record second to none.   Like my friend Jeff has said, “I have an unnatural affection for revolvers.”  In the past year more revolvers have been added to the collection more than any other style of weapon.  One of my favorite guys around is Hickok45 and his love for revolvers.  Here is his take on revolvers:



Revolvers ROCK

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Moving Day

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GeorgeEssexEvansRecently I have been upset with a number of things not the least of which is my hosting service shutting down The Average Man web site because of robotic traffic.  After dealing with the administrators at my hosting service and finding a plug-in to reduce the annoying robotic attempts at crashing this web site, I decided to move to a new host. has been a recommended WordPress host for a long time and their rates seem reasonable.  The old host had a three year contract which was expiring in several months and with the heat of all the trouble they put me through I decided to jump ship.  With all of the turmoil of moving the web SITES to a new host I have actually been inspired to write more and now have a bit more incentive to pay attention to this presence on the Web.

So, you can expect more frequent posts now that I have moved and I will be working diligently on the look and feel of the web site.  Looking around for a professional help to get the theme of the web site looking the way I want is interesting too.  You all know I need professional help so this comes as no surprise to many of you.

Stay tuned to the further adventures in an average man’s life.  Actually, you can relax because while life is whirling by the rest of us are just observing and laughing at all of the chaos.  By the way, the photo is of George Essex Evans the author of the poem, “The Average Man” which this web site is based on.  Check it out.

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New Media

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This year is going to be a great year for our new incoming SRNA class here at USC.  We are all so much looking forward to the meet and greet coming up next weekend in Malibu.

What is planned for the coming season is to incorporate New Media and “On the Go” technology into the academic mix. Students today want to find information outside of the class room from their portable devices.  With this in mind I have been looking into a couple of new ways to keep students interested and focused.  A great quote I recently heard is, “Education is not filling a bucket, but lighting a fire.”  William Butler Yeats.

With this in mind, I have opened up a Twitter feed called SRNA Cafe focused on education for the nurse anesthetist student.  I hope that you find it useful.  Check it out and if interested in the content “Follow” on Twitter.

Another kind of cool on line way to create content and review material is to connect to make review cards for yourself.  One of the best methods I have ever found to study is to create flash cards.  The act of making the cards puts the information in another part of the brain.  These connections is what creates memory.  To create recall, frequent review to strengthen the neuronal pathways to that information is what is needed.  For me, making flash cards and reviewing them often works for memorization of data.

We do have a lot of data and information to memorize you know.  The scary thing about medical information is it keeps updating and expanding with time.  In the final analysis there is too much informaiton to know and keep up with.  We have to find ways of on the spot – where we are -access to current thought and research.  Most of this will come later for our students who are just now being introduced to the subjects.  There is much of the basics that do not change much and for now lets focus on that.

Good luck to all of the incoming SRNA’s no matter which program you are in.  Keep focused and above all have fun knowing you are entering one of the greatest adventures of your life.

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Hahahahahahaha.  You have to be kidding.  You have not heard that line before from Bob Hope.

Glenn Beck is awesome so take a listen OK all you Zombies


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Rapid Fire with Hickok and Steve Lee

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I like it………True Americans even if one is an Ausie

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St. Patrick’s Day Song

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From a biologist.



I’m off the More Beer to stock up on supplies so that Sunday we can make some of that stuff.  I have a American Amber planned out reusing the WLP 001 yeast that I harvested from the last batch of Pale Ale.  Should be SWEET or rather DRY.

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Life is good with Steve Lee

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Santa is Coming Look Out

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