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New Glock shipment in

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shipmentI can not tell you how long I have waited for the winter of this discontent to be over.  The preppers have bought up all the .22 ammo and the lines at the gun stores are unbearable.  Not to worry.  The patient survive and prevail.  Today, I heard through the grape vine (FaceBook) that Bain & Davis received a shipment of goods today that would make any pistolaro envious.  The Glock 21SF is a pistol in 45 ACP with a nice grip, fantastic Glock trigger and known ergonomics.  This has been a long wait to pick up one of these beauties.

I called Dave my pal over at Bain & Davis (at home) when I saw the posting and said that I would be in Wednesday to DROS the pistol.  This has been a long time coming.

You know it does not take much to make an old man happy.  Just a full load of dry powder and a good supply of lead will make any man of my caliber smile.

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Glock 37

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It’s a new day and a new millennium.  Social media is the way we are all communicating with each other it seams.  Email is dead used by the old folks while Facebook, Twitter and texting is the “the Big Thing”.

Johns G37.jpg-largeMy brother John just purchased a Glock generation 4 model 37 in .45 GAP.  This will be the first handgun that we will do extensive testing with and eventually do a review on.  You can tell he really enjoys his new companion.  The current load for the GAP that we are working on is with new Starline Brass and 230gr FMJ bullets from Montana Gold.  The powder is Universal and the data we have suggests a charge from 4.4 to 5.0 grains.  With the Universal powder that John prefers I suggested that he start at the middle of the range and work up slowly.   So the first rounds will be loaded with 4.6 or 4.7 grains of Universal.  We are going to load some of these up and see how they fly.  As with any hand-loading data, be sure to follow recognized published data by the powder or bullet manufactures.  Getting information off of the web and thinking its all sound wisdom is like taking advice from the homeless on how to refinance your home.

That being said there are very good sources of hand-loading advice and data out there.  I have found the The High Road forum to be really excellent for the new hand-loader to get information from.  Follow the link and most of all have fun.

You can follow me twitter also at MetalTigerShoot.

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Hahahahahahaha.  You have to be kidding.  You have not heard that line before from Bob Hope.

Glenn Beck is awesome so take a listen OK all you Zombies


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