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Glock 37

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It’s a new day and a new millennium.  Social media is the way we are all communicating with each other it seams.  Email is dead used by the old folks while Facebook, Twitter and texting is the “the Big Thing”.

Johns G37.jpg-largeMy brother John just purchased a Glock generation 4 model 37 in .45 GAP.  This will be the first handgun that we will do extensive testing with and eventually do a review on.  You can tell he really enjoys his new companion.  The current load for the GAP that we are working on is with new Starline Brass and 230gr FMJ bullets from Montana Gold.  The powder is Universal and the data we have suggests a charge from 4.4 to 5.0 grains.  With the Universal powder that John prefers I suggested that he start at the middle of the range and work up slowly.   So the first rounds will be loaded with 4.6 or 4.7 grains of Universal.  We are going to load some of these up and see how they fly.  As with any hand-loading data, be sure to follow recognized published data by the powder or bullet manufactures.  Getting information off of the web and thinking its all sound wisdom is like taking advice from the homeless on how to refinance your home.

That being said there are very good sources of hand-loading advice and data out there.  I have found the The High Road forum to be really excellent for the new hand-loader to get information from.  Follow the link and most of all have fun.

You can follow me twitter also at MetalTigerShoot.

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This Old House Part Deuce

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This saga of the Old House that would be renewed will continue for several months and will occupy my attention for a while. Rebuilding an old house, taking care of the tolls of time and fashion is an operation that requires patience. Its like doing a bypass operation on an old ailing heart, no I take that back, this is more like a heart transplant without the steroids! When we are done you will remember that this is an older house but see it running alongside of the youngest athletes in the race. Thats what I’m talking about. Here is an example. Water I mean lots of it!

As you may recall when Jennifer and I first purchased this Old House in Arcadia California the home of the Apaches, we replaced all of the plumbing from the street with copper piping. What I did at that time was to run a full inch and a half pipe directly to the back yard in future hope that we would be able to do something with the back yard space that was filled with a swimming pool at the time. That is an older story that was never told. Hmmmmm.

OK, so now we have our project going and today the plumbers came to “sweat” up some new copper outlets for the back yard and future sprinkler system. The picture above shows you the manly copper tubing poking out the the future master bedroom addition. I do not think that any new project will have any more water than is shown have. As a matter of fact none will except those that builders build for themselves. When the copper was sweated up we tested the line and filled up a bucket so fast everybody was laughing. These are the areas where skimping comes in big time for builders but not at this Old House project. We will have abundant water availability so long as the city and county allows us water use.

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This Old House

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Maybe you have seen the movie or heard the quip from some friend about the nuts across town who bought the old ‘Mason place’ and have moved in. No we are not those people. But we did buy an old house here in Arcadia that has been in need of some serious remolding.

Jennifer and I have now been here in our “California Ranch house” built somewhere back in the stone ages of the 1950’s. Before we moved in we had all of the plumbing redone in copper. You have to love copper. Remember the line in the movie “Moonstruck” where the old man plummer is trying to impress his girl friend: shaking his hands in front of his face in that Italian way he says, “And then there is copper!” Great line from a great movie. The sentiment holds at least for me. Copper is the god of plumbing material. So we had all the plumbing replaced in copper before we moved in so we don’t die from poisoning in the first month in the house.

I get a tip from my friend “Wolfie” about an electrician guy that is from the Midwest and really does a good job with wires. We get him out to the house and 14 thousand dollars later we have new electrical service throughout the house and a bunch of new recessed lighting fixtures. The old electrical system was freekin scary – no grounding at any socket in the house and buried lighting ceiling fixtures under new popcorn. We got rid of all of the popcorn on the ceilings as well.

We had all of the wood floors resurfaced and a new kitchen put in with new appliances. Now we are comfortable. At least I am. Jennifer had other ideas. So now the real work begins with a designer and finding contractors and the like not to mention saying up all of our pennies for the new addition to the house.

This last week we finally got all of the plans approved by our conservative Arcadia City Hall inspectors. The demolition of the back of the house is done now and the foundation for the two new rooms are poured. Today we wait for the concrete to dry. Next week I think the framing starts. I am going to get into that a bit myself. All of this is really good stuff I think?

One of the things you discover in old houses when you tear down a couple of walls are all of the secret problems hidden in the walls. We have two that I can see now. One is termites that were not discovered during the inspection when we bought the house. The other is mold in the guest bath room wall behind the tile. Both of these problems will be solved. The termites damaged wood will be replace and eventually we will have to tent the house when the construction is completed. My real estate lady is working on this for us. The moldy wall will be torn down and the guest bathroom will be completely gutted. The only way to get rid of mold is to tear the wall away. The idiots that put the tile up in that bathroom did not install any barrier between the wall and the tile. Well of course the moister is going to seep through and mold will flurish. So This Old House project is in full tilt. You can see photos at flickr here.

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Deadly Cup

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Deadly Cup“My Cup is deadlier than your sword” Are the words of wisdom and warning from my pal Wolfie otherwise known as Roberta and other monikers not worth mentioning. When not making Mead she is growing grapes in her small winery in the rolling hills of Agua Dulce where her White Wolf Meadery and Winery is located.

If the mood strikes and you find yourself dressing up in combat archery warier outfits, take a tip from Wolfie and keep your tips sharp and your arrow shafts straight. One other tip from her is worth remembering, “Look up before the Cougar Pounces”. For laughing out loud Inga don’t give away all of the secrets of the big cat!

On a very happy note Nancy, who is Number 001 secret agent, and her husband Steve just had their baby boy Aiden. Another Pisces boy to attempt to rule the earth. The trouble with Pisces boys is that they first have to rule themselves with is quiet a challenge. Congrats to both of them and hope to see the little one soon.

Finally, its your hosts birthday today. Let the good times roll and I am keeping my head up Wolfie – looking down for lost little furry things- so keep a sharp eye out! So I end with a little poem writen for our hostess Little Wolfie in the words from the Gard:

True Thomas, the Bard of House Strongbow

Ah, if Inga were Queen….
All the fighters would wear armor made of rawhide
All the speargods would stand in a line
All our lamest shots, would get accepted just fine

Queen Inga, Queen Inga, The mighty Wolfie Queen
Queen Inga, Queen Inga, Behold the Lupine Dream

Everyone would be an archer, Puns would be outlawed
All the A&S competitions, would be won by tooth and claw
Brewers would be so exalted, and everyone carries a cup
In the hopes that the royal court, will fill every one of them up

Queen Inga, Queen Inga, The mighty Wolfie Queen
Queen Inga, Queen Inga, Behold the Lupine Dream

The sky is filled all her toys, flying again and again
Belly dancing at all the wars, would be full of manly men
Wolf coursing is all the rage, with Brun in a Bunny suit
I would have to flee on command, with her in happy pursuit (twang!)

Queen Inga, Queen Inga, The mighty Wolfie Queen
Queen Inga, Queen Inga, Behold the Lupine Dream

All of Strongbow would be armored cavalry,
Shooting from the royal golf carts…
We’ld borrow from Aten our favorite targets,
And give them a running head start!

Queen Inga, Queen Inga, The mighty Wolfie Queen
Queen Inga, Queen Inga, Behold the Lupine Dream

And all the folks would call me a lazy bastard,
Who uhm..sang.. his way to crown….
I will laugh, and call the Queens Champions
And point out which ones to pound

Queen Inga, Queen Inga, The mighty Wolfie Queen
Queen Inga, Queen Inga, Behold the Lupine Dream

Alas my dream has come to an end,
no archery in tourneys they say…
Still Inga will always be MY queen
Until read she this song today

Beef jerky boy-exit…stage left…….running from my deer hart….

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Average Man New Home

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The Average Man blogg has a new home with its own dedicated address here at You can follow the further antics of an Average Man here. So you may be asking yourself right about now, ‘What is an Average Man anyway and why is that important?’

The blog will be addressing this and other great questions of exsistance in the coming months. Stay tuned to updates on ordinary things like bicycle riding, reviews of new books and other stuff the average man is interested in.

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