Financial Woe and Hope


Barack Obama gave a press conference yesterday addressing the financial difficulties that are facing the United States and talked about his transition team. These are important times and the press conference that he gave was deliberate, grave and very much in the presidential mode. I believe that Barack Obama is a “transformational figure” (quote from Colin Powell) and will change the way the people of the world view American politics.

Is there any great news in this press conference. The short answer is probably no. In a longer more thought out contemplation of the event though, one can gather from the tone, the coming administration will be temperate and fair. We gained an appreciation for what is to come in the new administration. The choice of Representative Rahm Emanuel, the Democrat from Illinois for Obama’s chief of staff, is a wonderful balance to the mild and soft spoken Obama. Rahmbo, as he has been called is a tough political operator and should be instrumental in getting Obama’s program through the legislature.

The most important issue facing the United States at the moment is the financial crisis.  President Bush has pledged a smooth transition to the new administration according to to a Fox News report. This is extremely important, any delay in action could cost American jobs and further losses in confidence in our economy.  So with all this happening is it a good time for optimism?  I say yes.  With the new administration and a bipartisan approach to solutions for America’s problems, I see a bright future.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Let us all hope and pray toward this end.


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