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Today was a special day for me.  Over the past several months I have been getting back into hand gunning especially with the old .45 ACP cartridge.  The Kimber Elite in .45 has been in the safe now for about 10 years and at least 5 without a shot fired through it.  Well, that changed 2 months ago and I picked up a Sig Sauer P220 in the same carterage just to have a .45 handy at home…..just in case.  The reason I decided to go with the Sig was the DA/SA format of the pistol.  At the time I considered it a safer option than having the 1911 cocked and locked on the dresser.  I still feel that way.  Today I finished up 1150 rounds through the Sig P220 and know it is an extremely reliable and solid plateform.  Double tap with it is deadly at 21 feet.  So for now I keep it as the primary home defense weapon without reservation.

The reason I am writing today after a long hiatus is due to the Glock 19 in 9 mm cartridge that I picked up last week from Bain and Davis here locally and fired the weapon for the first time this morning at the Firing Line Indoor Shooting Range in Burbank.  Wow!!!  All I can say is accurate accurate accurate and SWEET shooter.  Three out of the first 5 shots were just about in the same hole at 21 feet.  Two in the bullseye and one in the 10 ring I might add.  I have to thank my pal Hickok45 of YouTube fame for turning me on to the Glock.  I have always been a steel and wood friend but the polymer works extremely well.  The Glocks reliability is legendary and I can attest to its accuracy today…. is it is far better than I.

One final note on todays shooting.  I had a coaching session with my new friend Dave Doermann who is a certified NRA pistol instructor.  A couple of points here that he gave me are worth passing along.  In gaining acuracy and reliablility with any hand gun practice with a qualified instructor is advised.  Don’t do this at home folks.  So here are Dave’s recommendations for gaining proficiency with any handgun.  My recommendation is to do this with an instructor that can help point out where you could improve and BE SAFE.

1) Natural point of Aim

2) Grip Control

3) Sight Picture Control

4) Breath Control

5) Follow Through

OK, I will plan on going over each of these points in detain in the coming posts.  The results on the paper will testify as to whether or not you are able to put it all together and do all of these things consistently.  That is my goal and I will keep updating my progress.

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  1. Alec Unger says:

    Can you help me find a new glock 19 for a reasonable price?

    I’ve been wanting a handgun for a long time and i refuse to get anything other than the glock. I looked at 19’s 21’s and 30’s. all about the same minus the caliber. I figured the 45 acp would be a little more than I’d need for my first handgun and it’s smaller stock was unapealing to me. i already own two rifles and a 12gauge shotgun. This will be my first purchase of a handgun for home protection. I’m happy to hear yet another person say how accurate and reliable the 19 is. Please E-mail me at http://www.alecunger@gmail.com to give me advice about this handgun if you can find the time.

    Thank you,
    Alec Unger
    Of Martinsburg, West Virginia (45 miles from D.C. and Baltimore)

    • David says:

      Just go to the local gun shop and check them out. If you can get to a county gun show you might find a good deal but for the most part on New Glocks the prices are fairly competitive meaning not too much differences.


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