Moving Day


GeorgeEssexEvansRecently I have been upset with a number of things not the least of which is my hosting service shutting down The Average Man web site because of robotic traffic.  After dealing with the administrators at my hosting service and finding a plug-in to reduce the annoying robotic attempts at crashing this web site, I decided to move to a new host. has been a recommended WordPress host for a long time and their rates seem reasonable.  The old host had a three year contract which was expiring in several months and with the heat of all the trouble they put me through I decided to jump ship.  With all of the turmoil of moving the web SITES to a new host I have actually been inspired to write more and now have a bit more incentive to pay attention to this presence on the Web.

So, you can expect more frequent posts now that I have moved and I will be working diligently on the look and feel of the web site.  Looking around for a professional help to get the theme of the web site looking the way I want is interesting too.  You all know I need professional help so this comes as no surprise to many of you.

Stay tuned to the further adventures in an average man’s life.  Actually, you can relax because while life is whirling by the rest of us are just observing and laughing at all of the chaos.  By the way, the photo is of George Essex Evans the author of the poem, “The Average Man” which this web site is based on.  Check it out.

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