Oh Baby, Oh Baby Sarah


sarah-ready-to-party1Only months after resigning her Governorship in Alaska our beloved Sarah has written her memoir.  The book, “Going Rogue: An American Life” will be published by HarperCollins and released this coming November.  Can’t wait to get hold of one the these beauties!

I may not be a gun toting NRA member but I respect her moxy.  Anyone that can come dressed to kill and sign up to be Vice Pres in an evening hot pant gown has got to have something going down good.  At least that’s my assessment.

Meanwhile back on the ranch we are brewing up some outrageous IPA.

Seth called today.  His little sweet monster of a dog ran out of their apartment door in San Francisco straight into traffic.  OH NO MR. BILL!!!!  That dog must take after another family, yes? Car creches later the dog is at the vets with a dislocated hip.  How much will this cost you ask.  Don’t ask is a better option.

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