Scrambled Eggs


Scrambled Eggs are really the thing in the morning.  What I like to do is to make a little burrito with salsa and cheese, wrap the whole thing up and set in the cast iron skillet to brown all the edges.  This melts the cheese and gives the tortilla a crispy texture that I really like.

If I have some bacon lying around I will add that to the mix for a real treat.  You know all that fat and protein is good for you.  Whoever made that dumb food pyramid was off the deep end.  More on that later but first watch the video.


My friend Karen recently recommended a book to me, “Good Calories, Bad Calories” by Gary Taubes.  To get an idea of what is the central point of the book you can see the following video.  Overeating and under exercising is not the cause of obesity!  Really?  The book meticulously documents how fat is processed in the body and presents the idea that insulin and blood glucose levels are the driving forces for obesity.  Interesting stuff.


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