We Lost By One Vote


Some may say the news report was a mistake, others will be getting out the rope for a quick lynching.  I say, “I voted by mail last week, trust me I did!”  But the mob rule overcomes all rational thinking in the frenzy of the moment and I am sorry to say this will be my last post before the morning unless I hear from the Governor.  From now on, if I am allowed to live, I will be doing hard time on the Siberian plain, braking rocks or some such thing.

You will have to judge for yourself.  Do I deserve such treatment?   Only time will tell if all of these recriminations and punishments are in fact due.  For myself I think not, remember I voted by mail.  Maybe we should have the US Postal service up for terminal dispatch via the hang-mans-rope.  If there are any supporters after you view this video please write to your local Senator and get me out of this God-Forsaken quandary.  I am not the social detritus that you may think!

Thank you Jim Cary for this ignoble distinction!

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