Zune Nightmare Dec 31st


Well it was the night before Christmas when all through the house…..wait a minute.  This is the day before the New Year and the music died.  Remember the song American Pie? It was something like, “Bye Bye American Pie, Drove my Chevy to the Levi but the water was dry.  Good old boys drinking whiskey and rye, something about that was the Day the Music Died.”

I can hear it all now over and over again, “Good old boys drinking whiskey and rye, that was the day that the music died.  Bye Bye American Pie.”

Well today the music really did die in the form of a total Zune Blackout.  December 31st at some time or other all of the original Zune 30 gig sets locked up;  all of the Zunes in the world Locked up.  Really you say, yes and here is the proof.  Follow this link to the thousands of comments on locked up Zune mp3 players today.  Really amazing, its almost enough to make me go over to the dark side.

Our friends at Only Dark Sets have the scoop.  If you are into tech this is a weird one.  Check it out.

On a brighter note.  Tonight marks the end of a terrible 2008 (any Bush Lovers left please leave quickly) and the beginning of an uncertain but hopeful 2009 for many of us.  I am wishing all my gentle readers a warm and wonderful New Year full of unlooked for promise.  As my Pappy use to say, “Its all going to be OK.”

Thanks I needed that!

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